For euphorigenic effects, for reduction of anxiety, for mood stabilization, it’s a safe compound - VICE

Kanna has mood-elevating and anti-anxiety effects, Giordano said. “You’re going to get euphoric, you’re going to feel really happy and really loving and really chill.” Some say kanna also helps them think more clearly, Giordano said.


Kanna is a neuroprotective plant, allowing the body to have access to more energy without a crash, and relaxing us by lowering brain activity. This doesn’t mean it makes us slower; Wang explains that it actually makes us more sharply focused on a single task at hand.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Kanna is often referred to as a ‘natural Prozac’ as a result of its anxiety reducing, stress relieving, sedative and confidence boosting properties. However, prescribed mood enhancers can cause addiction and harm to the body, whereas Kanna doesn’t have these same issues. This has made it one of the safest mood enhancers available.

Kanna is a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor(SRI), which are typically used as antidepressants for major depression and anxiety disorders. Sceletium Tortuosum should NOT be mixed with any other (S)SRIs (think prescription antidepressants) or Monoamine oxidase inhibitors(MAOIs), an antidepressent found in plants. Antidepressants, natural or otherwise, increase serotonin levels in the brain. If these levels are raised too high, things can get very dangerous sometimes even fatal. Combining Kanna with medication or any of the ingredients from the list below is therefore not recommended.

Both provide euphoria and are mood boosting. The tincture is more relaxing and the extract is more stimulating.

We recommend 1-3 full squeezes for a more relaxing variety of Kanna.

There is 50 mg of Kanna in each 12oz can.

There is 25 mg of Kanna in each gummy.

  • Alcohol replacement

  • Caffeine replacement

  • Vegan

  • Antioxidants

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