• History Of Kanna!

    History Of Kanna!

    The history of Kanna   Kanna - also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is a fascinating journey through time, culture, and geography. This revered herb, indigenous to South Africa, has played a significant role in the lives of the local people,...

  • Our Kanna Sourcing

    Our Kanna Sourcing

    We collaborate with a diverse range of suppliers, including large-scale agricultural producers and small-scale farmers specializing in traditionally fermented Kanna. Our commitment extends to preserving Sceletium tortuosum's diversity and ensuring its ethical sourcing. We source our materials from well-managed farms...

  • What's the difference in Kanna extracts?

    What's the difference in Kanna extracts?

    The difference in Kanna extracts may be overwhelming for someone new to this herbal supplement. What's the difference? Understanding this may help you pick which Kanna product on the market fits your lifestyle the best. Here's a small list of...

  • All about Kanna 🌱

    All about Kanna 🌱

    Kanna has been traditionally used as a mood enhancer and to help decrease stress, anxiety and tension. Due to its success, the western market is now starting to discover its potential as an anti-depressant. Its four psychoactive alkaloids: Mesembrine, Mesembrenone,...

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