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Calming Down Kanna's Rush / Jitter you consumed to much Guide

As many of us know Kanna is great and the rush in the beginning is amazing but it is easy to take a touch to much sometimes or if you took a break and your tolerance is down and it hits you a little to strong. We wanted to provide a list of some of the things we have found had helped us settle down while on a strong dose


1. Hydration kanna especially in a dose that leaves you jittery is going to make you extremly dehydrated and a couple good cups of water can help bring you back to baseline sometimes eating can help as well!


2. kava is a great companion to kanna and helps tremendously bringing the user to much calmer mental & body state


3. Other relaxing herbs & supplements such as magnesium, Valerian, Ashwagandha, lemon balm, blue lotus and or other relaxing supplements you may have on hand
4. Time, The rush and jitteriness usually only lasts 15-30 minutes after that time you should start coming down & start relaxing and feeling much more chilled out. Knowing there is timer / countdown to chill you out can help
The consensus however would be to get hydrated, be patient and get some calming supplements, herbs and or even smell some calming essential oils till you get back to a more balanced state
We hoped this helped and would love any feedback on what has helped you in these states to in turn help others if they are ever struggling with to strong of a dose. Thank you all in advance for any input

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