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Exploring Our Kanna Extract Profiles at Healing Herbals

At Healing Herbals, we offer a wide variety of kanna extracts designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Each extract is formulated to leverage the potent properties of Sceletium tortuosum, providing unique benefits ranging from mood enhancement to stress relief. Here’s an overview of the kanna extracts available at Healing Herbals:

1. MT-55 Refined & Standardized

  • Description: This highly refined crystalline extract is known for its high mesembrine content.
  • Benefits: Provides uplifting, energizing, and calming effects, making it ideal for mood enhancement and stress relief.

2. FS-33 Full Spectrum Kanna Extract

  • Description: A comprehensive full-spectrum extract capturing a wide range of kanna's active compounds.
  • Benefits: Known for its well-rounded approach to enhancing mood and stress relief, combining energy with tranquility.

3. XK-6 Kanna Extract

  • Description: This extract is recognized for its balanced alkaloid profile, offering moderate strength.
  • Benefits: Delivers a well-rounded experience with calming and mood-enhancing properties.

4. MZO Kanna Extract

  • Description: A high-potency extract focusing on mesembrine and mesembrenone, which are among the primary alkaloids in kanna.
  • Benefits: Promotes enhanced mood, stress relief, and cognitive support.

5. Fermented Kanna Extract (Channa Budder)

  • Description: Derived from mature roots and tops aged between 1-4 years, this small-batch extract is known for its rich alkaloid profile.
  • Benefits: Enhances cognitive function and alleviates stress.

6. Kanna Extract Spray

  • Description: Available in various strengths, this spray offers a quick and convenient method to administer kanna.
  • Benefits: Provides rapid mood enhancement and stress relief.

7. Kanna Extract 16% Active Alkaloids

  • Description: A very potent extract with high mesembrenone content.
  • Benefits: Offers intense mood elevation and introspective effects.



    At Healing Herbals, our diverse range of kanna extracts ensures that there is a product suited for every need. Whether you are looking for mood enhancement, stress relief, or cognitive support, our high-quality extracts provide effective and reliable options. Explore our selection today and experience the unique benefits of kanna.

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