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All about Kanna 🌱

Kanna has been traditionally used as a mood enhancer and to help decrease stress, anxiety and tension. Due to its success, the western market is now starting to discover its potential as an anti-depressant. Its four psychoactive alkaloids: Mesembrine, Mesembrenone, Mesembrenol and Tortuisamine, are part of only the 1.5% alkaloid content that Kanna contains. Whilst not much is known about them just yet, they are believed to be the driving force behind Kanna’s many applications and pharmaceutical companies are actively investigation them to capitalize on their medical potential.

Traditionally, Kanna’s fermented roots and leaves were chewed by South African tribes for its intoxicating and vision-inducing properties. More recently, Kanna is really starting to turn heads with regard to its possible medical applications and while it’s full potential is not yet fully understood, Kanna is reportedly used to:

Suppress appetite
Decrease anxiety
Relieve stress and tension
Increase self-confidence

In some cases, South African users described a feeling of euphoria and meditative tranquility, whilst others noted sexual arousal or increased sensory sensitivity.


One of the big things that you need to know about Kanna and is effects is that, whilst it’s psychoactive, it is NOT hallucinogenic and its effects can greatly vary depending on the amount used and method of ingestion.

Like with most psychedelic substances, factors like tollerance, weight and metabolism can quite heavily influence the turn out of your intake. So before you take anything, please read our dosage recommendations on the ‘How To Use‘ page.


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