• Kanna and sleep?

    Kanna and sleep?

    Sometimes & especially oral Kanna use it is best to be avoided before bed for some people Some people respond to it with strong mental stimulation for hours We have seen medium to large oral doses keep people up for...

  • Extract Profiles and What They Mean: A Healing Herbals Explanation

    Extract Profiles and What They Mean: A Healing Herbals Explanation

     At Healing Herbals, our dedication to natural wellness has led us to delve into the rich world of Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) extracts. Each unique extract, from the energizing MT-55 to the innovative FS-33, carries a specific alkaloid profile, promising...

  • Different types of Kanna Extract?

    Different types of Kanna Extract?

    Kanna extract is a plant extract derived from the plant sceletium tortuosum / expansum.   What is Kanna Extract? Kanna extract comes in many forms including a powder, tincture, resin, capsules, chewing gum, as well as pure alkaloid isolations.  Often the most...

  • Our Kanna Sourcing

    Our Kanna Sourcing

    We collaborate with a diverse range of suppliers, including large-scale agricultural producers and small-scale farmers specializing in traditionally fermented Kanna. Our commitment extends to preserving Sceletium tortuosum's diversity and ensuring its ethical sourcing. We source our materials from well-managed farms...

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