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What's the difference in Kanna extracts?

The difference in Kanna extracts may be overwhelming for someone new to this herbal supplement. What's the difference? Understanding this may help you pick which Kanna product on the market fits your lifestyle the best. Here's a small list of ways you may find Kanna extracted. 


Liquid Tincture 

A liquid tincture extract is a great way to often enjoy a full spectrum extract in a convenient dropper. This is a widely available product on the market- however based on the difficulty in finding true sceletium loose leaf I do question the authenticity of most liquid tincture vendors. I can't speak for all liquid tincture but here at Healing Herbals our tincture is made with a low heat, alcohol free (vegetable glycerian) base. What makes this extraction process so unique is the ability for VG to create a 'full spectrum' extract. There are several active compounds in Kanna that add to the feeling you get from this supplement, and tincture often creates a well rounded example of this herb including most if not all active alkaloids. Tincture is often not the strongest form of extract which makes it a great way to introduce yourself to this herb. Even seasoned kannaseurs enjoy a good tincture.


10x, 20x. 100x 

This is a bit of a vague extraction method, often not standardized between different vendors. This means quality isn't always going to be the same between different vendors selling the same "20x". Unless you're buying from a known or reputable vendor I would try to avoid extracts with this name & try to ensure your vendor offers a lab report to guarantee the extract is indeed Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum / Expansum).


Kanna Resin - Alcohol Extract


This is another full spectrum extraction type. If done correctly this involves steeping loose leaf kanna in alcohol, then purging the alcohol with either heat or time. This process yields a lower quality but full spectrum extract preferred by some kannaseurs. The feeling will be more of a well rounded experience, similar to the tincture. A recommended form of extract for beginners. 


MT55 Extract

This process yields one of the most popular and strongest extracts. The effects are often described as powerful and uplifting. MT55 is a standardized laboratory extract suspended through a mannitol substrate. This process yields one of the strongest and potent quality mesembrine focused extracts. When you read reports on the internet of very strong Kanna, this is often the extraction process being talked about. The final product is an off-white powder that is easily administered orally or nasally. 

Total Alkaloids: ±5.7%
Mesembrine: ±4%
Primary Alkaloid Profile:
• Mesembrine ±70%
• Mesembrenone ≤20%
• ∆7-Mesembrenone ≤10%
Solubility: Fully



MZO Extract 

Total Alkaloids: ±5.3%

Mesembrine: ±4%
Solubility: Fully
Primary Alkaloid Profile:
• Mesembrine ±75%
• Mesembrenone ≤15%
• ∆7-Mesembrenone ≤10%

Description: Solvent extract of tortuosum / expansum cross on a mannitol
substrate standardized for very high mesembrine. Stimulating and with high 5HT
receptor binding affinity. Same profile as MZ1 but stronger and with better water
solubility. Stronger than MT55

XK6 Extract

A very similar extract to MZO, and MT55. There may be a difference in experience as overall alkaloid profiles will be different, but expected could be a difference in strengths. XK6 a bit weaker typically than MT55 but still much stronger than tincture. 

 Total Alkaloids: ±5.4%
Mesembrine: ±3.5%
Primary Alkaloid Profile:
• Mesembrine 55-58%
• Mesembrenone 20-25%
• ∆7-Mesembrenone 17-20%
Solubility: Fully

Description: Balanced alkaloid expression, more relaxing than stimulating. An
excellent broad-spectrum product. This product is very similar to XK5 but the
mesembrine is a little higher in profile than .


VU3 Extract
Total Alkaloids: ±5.5-6.5%
Mesembrine: ±3%
Primary Alkaloid Profile:
• Mesembrine 45-55%
• Mesembrenone 25-35%
• ∆7-Mesembrenone 5-15%
Solubility: Partially

Description: Balanced alkaloid expression, more deeply relaxing than
stimulating. An excellent broad-spectrum product, similar to XK5 in
effect, but a little stronger, higher in mesembrenone and more rounded

All of these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





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