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Lemon Verbena

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Lemon Verbena | Healing Herbals

Healing Herbals is thrilled to offer our Lemon Verbena, a fragrant and flavorful herb celebrated for its calming properties and delightful citrus scent. Sourced from the finest lemon verbena plants, our product is perfect for those looking to add a refreshing twist to their teas, culinary creations, and aromatherapy practices. Known for its ability to soothe the mind and ease digestive discomfort, Lemon Verbena provides a versatile solution for enhancing wellness and infusing your day with a burst of natural lemony freshness.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress with its naturally calming properties
  • Aids in digestion and helps alleviate digestive discomfort
  • Enhances culinary dishes and herbal teas with its vibrant lemon flavor and aroma
  • Offers a refreshing and uplifting scent for aromatherapy, contributing to a serene home environment

With Healing Herbals' Lemon Verbena, experience the essence of citrus tranquility. Whether you're brewing a soothing cup of tea, flavoring your favorite recipes, or seeking a natural way to relax and unwind, our Lemon Verbena is a pure, joyful addition to your wellness routine. Embrace the light, refreshing qualities of Lemon Verbena with Healing Herbals, where every leaf whispers a story of serenity and health.

When to avoid Kanna? Precautions?

Yes, it's recommended to avoid Kanna when taking other SSRI's as there may be an adverse interaction between these.

Otherwise Kanna is considered a safe herbal supplement.

As with any new herbal supplement it's recommended to consult your physician first.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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